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Wildfires are out of control. With Personal Wildfire Defense Services, your damage doesn't have to be.

When a wildfire threatens your area, the time you have to react is minimal. Depending on how far the encroaching fire is from your property, you may go from having a beautiful home to a pile of burning embers within an hour. If only you could be proactive instead of reactive. You can. When you enroll in Chubb's Wildfire Defense Services, you'll receive monitoring, prevention and mitigation services that may reduce the impact a wildfire could have on your home or property. This service is available for no additional charge to eligible homes, so there's no reason not to enroll.

How it Works

Chubb's Wildfire Defense Services is a complimentary service available for eligible homeowner policyholders* to help minimize the potential for loss in the event of a wildfire in areas prone to wildfires.

With Chubb's Wildfire Defense Services, we work with Wildfire Defense Systems, Inc. (WDS), one of the most experienced companies in the industry, as well as local, state or federal agencies, to help monitor and protect your home before, during and after a wildfire by providing the following services:

Prevention/Mitigation Services – If there is an encroaching wildfire, our experienced service provider may perform precautionary measures on your home such as installing temporary sprinklers around its perimeter, removing combustible items such as welcome mats, outdoor furniture and dead or dying tree limbs, and in some circumstances, applying a non-damaging, fire-retardant gel to your home and landscaping.

Ongoing Updates – If there is a specific threat of a wildfire in your area, we will provide recorded messages alerting you that our service provider is monitoring the situation. If the danger becomes imminent, we will attempt to contact you or any designated contacts to provide timely updates on the situation.

Access to Property Condition Updates – You may contact us at 1.877.60CHUBB (1.877.602.4822) and choose "Wildfire Services" for up-to-date details on wildfire conditions in your area. You may also contact us to report any emerging wildfire threats near you home by calling 1.877.323.4730 or by emailing WDS at

No Out-of-Pocket Payments – When WDS is deployed to your home during a wildfire, Chubb will be billed directly for this service with no additional charge to you.

Additional Wildfire Defense Coverage – As a Chubb Masterpiece homeowner policyholder in many West Coast states, you may be eligible for Wildfire Defense Coverage that includes up to $5,000 reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred while defending your home and property from a wildfire within three miles of your covered property or for evacuation costs. Refer to your policy for coverage details and terms.

*Condominium, cooperative and renter policyholders are not eligible for this service. There may be other policy types that impact eligibility, please contact your agent or broker for more information. 

How to Enroll in Chubb's Wildfire Defense Services

Chubb offers several convenient ways to enroll in our Wildfire Defense Services. Please choose the enrollment option below that best suits your needs. To enroll, you will need your Chubb homeowner policy number and effective date, which can be found in the top right corner of your policy or renewal notice. If your contact information has changed, click here to update it, as we may need to contact you to obtain security codes or other information needed to access the property or to keep you updated during an emergency. Remember that while our Wildfire Defense Services are complimentary, you must enroll in order to receive these services.

The completed form can be submitted in the following ways:

Web:      Click here 

Email:    Download forms below and email completed forms to

Mail:      Download forms below and mail completed forms to:
               Chubb Personal Risk Services,
               202 Hall’s Mill Road
               Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Download and print the applicable form. Then email or mail to the addresses above.

Wildfire Defense Enrollment Authorization Form

Contact your agent or broker for more information about Chubb Wildfire Defense Services.

Disclaimer: Chubb Wildfire Defense Services is not available in all jurisdictions and is not available to condominium, cooperative or renter policyholders and policyholders covered by California Fair Plan Extension policies. Chubb Wildfire Defense Services is also not available to Differences in Conditions (DIC) Platinum Portfolio policyholders. Chubb and its representatives will use their best efforts to provide these services. There may be instances when Chubb will not be able to provide these services. There is no guarantee that these services will prevent damage. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued.

Wildfire Defense Services are triggered only when a wildfire is within three miles of a residence, when a civil authority initiates an evacuation order as a result of an approaching wildfire, or when Chubb deems it appropriate to deploy the service because of an encroaching wildfire. 

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