As a small token of our appreciation, we have provided articles below on the how to stay healthy and strong in both mind and body during this unprecedented time.  We hope you find them helpful and wish you and your family continued good health.

Make Health and Safety a Priority this Summer

This summer we are all facing potential infection from the coronavirus, so it’s more important than ever to listen to our experts and do what we can to be ourhealthiest selves.

Desk Hacks to Boost Productivity

Many employees work from home occasionally, but now many find themselves mandated to work from home in this new, unexpected era of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This new work reality may be a breeze for some, but for others staying organized could become an issue. A few updates to your new workspace can invigorate and inspire you to be more productive than ever.

Eat Healthier to Emerge Stronger: Using the Pandemic to Grow

One of the many lessons I learned in the military is that, at times, life will get very uncomfortable. This discomfort hits you right at the start of your military career in bootcamp. For many, the discomfort becomes too much and causes them to quit. What sets me apart is that I am able to get over yelling and physical punishments quickly. Being able to move on from uncomfortable situations – both mental and physical -- allows me to be ready for the next stressful event that is inevitably coming. The ability to bounce back fairly quickly from the most challenging times has helped me throughout my career and into the rest of my life.

Learning How to Deal with Stress: Using the Pandemic to Grow

Stress is the response we all have to outside pressures: it can be good or
bad. Stress can be the motivator that helps us succeed at a personal or career goal. But continual, or chronic stress, can have a negative toll on the mind and body.

Boost Immunity with these Popular Veggies: Using the Pandemic to Grow

We are being urged by health officials to practice social distancing, wash our hands more often and avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth during this current pandemic. Commen sense adds that we must do all we can to keep our bodies and our immune systems as healthy as we can, in the chance that we do encounter viruses, despite our best efforts not to.

Reap the Benefits of Having More Time with your Pet During the Pandemic

What would we do without our pets? These days many of you may find you have lots more time at home with your pets, and some have even taken this opportunity to adopt or foster a new pet! And the bonus? Scientific evidence suggests that pet ownership can improve your overall health.


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