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Imagine having the power to take difficult situations and exposures and help people and businesses face them with confidence. As an underwriting professional, you’ll have the chance to use advanced tools to determine what risks Chubb can help cover. At the end of each work day, you’ll be able to take pride in helping deliver peace of mind to people and teams who really appreciate it!

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When things are at their worst, claims team members are at their best. This means Chubb claims professionals working with empathy, integrity and our legendary attention to detail to make our clients whole. As a Chubb claims professional, you’ll play a meaningful and collaborative role in helping clients, whether an individual or a business, recover when bad things happen.

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Predicting the unpredictable. As an actuarial professional, you will work with advanced tools to evaluate loss trends and use this information to help operate our business efficiently and effectively. The work includes everything from data analysis to catastrophe modeling.

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In the insurance industry, we’re there for others by maintaining the resources necessary to help when things go wrong. As a finance professional, you’ll analyze the financial status of key areas of our business by collecting, monitoring and studying data as well as following up with key recommendations.

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Risk Engineering

Heroes not only rescue people – they prevent bad things from happening in the first place. At Chubb, risk engineering professionals develop deep knowledge about risk and make recommendations for how people and businesses can adopt practices that prevent mishaps from ever occurring.

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Additional Business Areas

At Chubb, we have opportunities spanning other key areas ranging from information technology to digital, human resources, marketing and legal.