Many of our current employees and leaders started as interns. They tell us the experience was so impactful that it formed the foundation of a rewarding career.

Summer Programs

Our summer internship program offers the chance to have practical, real world experience at one of the world’s leading P&C insurance companies. The experience begins with onboarding and training and then quickly moves into specific project work where you work directly with Chubb team members and executives. For those who excel in the program, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss full-time employment opportunities at Chubb after graduation.

Ana Robic
COO, Chubb Personal Risk Services

"I’ve always been tapped to try ambitious assignments, even before I had to raise my hand. I started here as an intern and three months in, the company was having me make a pitch on a large auto parts manufacturing account. Chubb has moved me to different divisions, geographies and positions - pushing me outside my comfort zone and providing support. I’ve been constantly challenged and had great champions. The experiences provided in my internship gave me a compelling glimpse into what has become an exciting career with Chubb.”

Latrell Johnson
SVP, Human Resources

“My intern experience at Chubb was truly beneficial in helping prepare me for my future roles in the organization. My first year as an intern, I rotated through various departments and gained valuable knowledge regarding the company’s lines of business. I interned every summer as an undergraduate and had many useful experiences including helping to prepare accounts for underwriting review, assisting in the underwriting process, and participating in appraisals and risk engineering visits. I am grateful for the opportunities that I was afforded during my internship and I appreciate the many valuable relationships that I formed during that time, including many that endure today. My internship experience provided me with a clear picture of the type of career that I could have with Chubb and 25 years later I am glad that I took advantage of the opportunity.”

Christine Holland
Chubb Finance Intern

“I really like Chubb and what the company stands for. My experience has been great. It’s allowed me to see all the aspects of finance and how things really work in the world of business.  Chubb is a great company with a lot of focus on employees and training.”

*Header Photo Credit: The Royal Gazette