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Job Overview

Delivering superior customer service to the client is at the forefront of decision making for the Claims organization, which results in a collaborative and efficient settlement of claims. Under general supervision, the claims professional is responsible for the accurate, fair and prompt payment of claims. The early career professionals program, focused on claims, allows for the development of staff into knowledgeable, confident, contributing, and productive claim professionals within the Chubb North American Claims Team. Ample opportunities are afforded to employees who join the Chubb North America Claims organization with mentorship programs, volunteer and engagement efforts, continuing education /training as well as assignment variety ranging from cyber claim handling to property adjusters delivering superior customer service to clients.


  • Review of Claim and Policy Information: Under close supervision, receives assignments and reviews claim and policy information to provide background for investigation and may determine the extent of the policy’s obligation to the insured depending on the line of business.
    • Contacts, interviews and obtains statements from insureds, claimants, witnesses, physicians, attorneys, police officers, etc. to secure necessary claim information.
    • Evaluates facts supplied by investigation to determine extent of liability of the insured, if any, and extent of the company’s obligation to the insured under the policy contract.
    • Depending on line of business may inspect and appraise damage for property losses or arranges for such appraisal.
  • Report preparation: Prepares reports on investigation, settlements, denials of claims, individual evaluation of involved parties etc.
  • Litigation Process Management: If a claim is in litigation, the Claims Associate manages the litigation process.
  • Reserve Setting: Sets reserves within authority limits and recommends reserve changes to Team Leader.
  • Team Leader Assist:
    • Reviews progress and status of claims with Team Leader and discusses problems and suggested remedial actions. 
    • Prepares and submits to Team Leader unusual or possible undesirable exposures. 
    • Assists Team Leader in developing methods and improvements for handling claims.
  • Claim Settlement/Payment:
    • Settles claims promptly and equitably. 
    • Obtains releases, proofs of loss or compensation agreements and issues company drafts in payments for claims. 
    • Informs claimants, insureds/customers or attorney of denial of claim when applicable.

Rajan Gadhia
Claims Associate, Real Estate and Hospitality Industry Practice

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"The Claims Associate program has been one of the most memorable parts of my career so far. Not only does it provide great learning opportunities, but it offers various perspectives from leaders at Chubb that I will turn to as I continue to advance in my career. One of the best learning opportunities came during the breakout sessions, where we had the chance to analyze policies with experienced adjusters. It gave us a chance to go through real life scenarios and analyze how a policy might be applied. The whole experience was invaluable."

Tiffany In
Claims Associate, Workers' Compensation Claims

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“Our Early Career/Claims Associate program has been a reminder of how great Chubb is as a company and how much room we all have to grow. It’s clear that people here really care and want to see us succeed. I personally feel that I’ve been given the information and tools to move up in to company. Leaders keep underscoring how important we are. The whole experience sparked my curiosity to learn more about the other lines that we offer and what other opportunities might be ahead for me.”

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A Life's Calling

Chubb Senior Claims representative Tommy Le explains, "I escaped Vietnam on a boat and started a new life in America. The reason I love what I do is where I came from. The most important thing in life is helping other people out.” For Tommy, his view is that “people have a calling. When people have their lives turned upside down, my job is to be there for them."