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Insurance solutions specifically designed to meet the unique risks faced by small technology businesses. It only takes a few minutes to quote and issue a policy – access the Chubb Marketplace today!

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Appetite Summary

Chubb Small Commercial Insurance (SCI) draws on its deep expertise of the complex risks faced by emerging technology companies to provide broad coverage, exceptional claims service, and a quick quote experience for businesses with up to $30M in revenue in the following industries:

  • Computer programing and software

  • Computer related services

  • Consulting and software services

  • Emerging industries and web-enabled businesses

  • Telecommunication services

  • Advanced technology manufacturers and wholesalers

  • Clean technology manufacturers

  • Technology research and development companies

  • Broadcasters

Advanced Solutions for the Technology Industry

The technology industry constantly faces risks associated with its rapid innovation and change. As new exposures emerge, small technology businesses need insurance solutions to help protect them.  Chubb SCI’s insurance solution for the technology industry provides:

  • Property coverages that help protect the specialized equipment and property your clients need to run their business successfully
  • Liability coverages that are flexible and provide support for your clients to serve their customers
  • Comprehensive technology errors & omission (E&O) and cyber coverages, along with loss mitigation and incident response services through our DigiTech® Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) offering

Unique Property Coverages for the Technology Industry

Chubb BOP offers over 70 optional property enhancements for small technology businesses including those highlighted below.

DigiTech® ERM: Specialized Technology Errors & Omissions Liability and Cyber Protection

Based on insights gained from our 30+ years of experience protecting technology companies, Chubb designed DigiTech® ERM to provide a combination of Technology E&O and first- and third-party liability coverages for small businesses.

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