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Public television and radio stations create unique educational and entertainment content for their viewers. Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance helps to protect public broadcasters from the risks associated with the dissemination of this content. Chubb has teamed with Walterry Insurance Brokers to offer Chubb's Multimedia Liability Insurance policy, which is designed to help protect against these risks.

Public TV and Public Radio Stations Errors & Omissions coverage highlights:

  • Coverage goes beyond specified "named perils" to risks arising out of the core functions of broadcasters: gathering and disseminating information or entertainment to the public.
  • No clause requiring the insured to settle at the insurer’s request.
  • No exclusion for "internal" copyright disputes brought by employees or freelance writers over "ownership rights."
  • Worldwide coverage.

Walterry Insurance Brokers
Walterry Insurance Brokers acts as the program administrator for this program. Walterry has more than 25 years of experience insuring the media, presently insuring over 800 film productions, 350 broadcasting stations and 1,900 newspapers. Walterry has many years of experience in the video and film industry and is endorsed by the National Newspaper Association and over 25 state and regional newspaper associations. 

To obtain additional information on our Media Liability Insurance Program or to submit an application for coverage, please contact Walterry direct at:

Walterry Insurance Brokers
7411 Old Branch Avenue
Clinton, MD 20735
P: 800.638.8791
F: 301.868.2611
Steven Thomas, Vice President