Global Casualty

Primary Casualty Products

In addition to their primary casualty programs, your company may require customized products including funded deductibles, captive solutions, excess workers compensation and other sophisticated options.

Large Global and National Companies

Offering large companies a range of sophisticated coverages and structuring options when financing and managing risk.

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Alternative Risk Solutions

Chubb’s customized, non-traditional, alternative risk solutions help you balance your risk tolerance with insurance protection to effectively use your capital.

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Commercial General Liability

Your business faces liabilities every day. The only way to protect your assets is to carry adequate business liability insurance. A general liability insurance program can include a blend of traditional insurance and alternative risk financing mechanisms to help manage a company’s liability risk.

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Transportation Industry Segment

Primary casualty coverages and structures designed to protect your transportation operations.

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Traditional Energy Solutions for Large Accounts

Find specialized casualty products geared toward your energy-related risks.

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Captive Strategies

Dedicated, experienced specialists can provide flexible and creative fronting solutions to support your specific risk financing needs.

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Multiple-Insured Captive Reinsurance Alternative

Multiple risk management buyers in a common industry or with similar operations can place primary casualty insurance using a single captive reinsurer to retain risk.

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Funded Deductible Plan

Casualty insurance buyers looking for alternatives beyond incurred loss retros, high deductibles or transitioning from a guaranteed cost plan need alternatives.

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Excess Workers Compensation

Qualified Self Insured for Workers Compensation gain coverage for catastrophic exposures in excess of your retentions as well as a wealth of risk and claims management options.

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Global Primary Casualty for the Entertainment Industry

The risks faced by entertainment industry companies can be unique and vary widely.

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Chubb Accelerator®

Chubb Accelerator is a web-based tool to assist in documenting uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist, and personal injury protection coverage elections. What was once cumbersome and time consuming is now a streamlined process.

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Guaranteed Cost Insurance Coverage

Combine cost certainty with Chubb flexibility, service and technology to address workers compensation and other casualty risks.

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