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New ESIS Absence Advisory Links Growing State and Federal Leave Laws to Complexities in Managing Employee Absence .


As an employer, you understand the value of decreasing absence occurrence and/or duration, increasing productivity, and improving your employees' experiences.

You also understand the growing need to address the complexities associated with effectively administering absence while remaining compliant with federal and state leave programs that integrate with paid employee benefits.

According to Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) research, in 2016, absence due to illness and/or injuries in the United States alone cost employers $522 billion.

Annual Survey Report, CIP - Absence Management 2016

This ESIS advisory highlights growing laws at the state and federal levels which impact integrated benefit programs within organizations. It also offers considerations for employers and an alternative approach which helps facilitate efficiencies, cost savings, and compliance amongst an evolving landscape.

Take A Holistic View Of Employee Absence

Download "The Evolution and Requirements to Manage Absence Differently"


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