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June 2020

Chubb knows small business owners are working hard to operate their businesses in the current environment and there is not much time for them to worry about their insurance coverage.  Please encourage your customers to access the Chubb Commercial Client Center where they can obtain the information they need about their small business policies quickly and easily.  

Over the past several months, Chubb Small Business has released many new features on the Chubb Commercial Client Center making it easier for small business owners to obtain valuable information about their small business policies.  Features include:

  • A new and improved interface
  • A more efficient way to pay their bill
  • Easy claims submissions
  • Ability to enroll in payment notification email alerts
  • And, customers with policies enrolled in the Chubb Customer Service Center can submit endorsements or request a Certificate of Insurance (COI)

As a reminder, the Client Center ( is an easy-to-use online portal that provides self-service capabilities for your small business customers, including the ability to:

  • View their billing history and recent statements
  • Elect to pay their bill by credit card or EFT with a one-time or recurring payment
  • Download and print policy documents
  • Provide Client Center access to additional insureds on the account

Let's get started! 
Want to provide your customers the ability to view their current policies, pay their bills, easily submit claims, and more?  Sign them up for the Chubb Commercial Client Center today by following the steps in this brief tutorial.

Have questions? 
Please contact your Chubb Small Business territory sales leader for more information.