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Stray electric currents pose a major liability risk to marinas and yacht clubs, ranging from Direct Currents that can cause significant boat damage to Alternating Currents that can cause injuries or even fatalities to those swimming around boats. Marinas and yacht clubs need to be proactive and take the appropriate steps to minimize the likelihood of an electrical incident that could result in property damage, bodily injury or loss of life.

Chubb is pleased to offer our Stray Electric Current Safety Checklist for Marinas and Yacht Clubs, which provides information on maintaining electrically sound docks, including:

  • Different types of stray electric current, including Stray Direct Current and Stray Alternating Current 
  • Information every facility should have on Electric Shock Drowning (ESD)
  • Best practices for avoiding injuries and damage

Guard Your Facility From Stray Electric Currents

Take action now to help protect your commercial marina or yacht club from the effects of stray electric currents.

More tips to Help Protect your Marine Facilities

Want To Learn More?

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