Even companies that conduct strict background screenings, employ fraud detection systems and implement strict internal controls can be vulnerable to losses if a well-meaning employee is duped by a criminal posing as a supplier, new client or fellow employee. Get the protection you need from Chubb, a leading provider of crime/fidelity insurance.

Coverage Highlights

  • Provides added protection when strong controls still fall short
  • Available as an endorsement to the Crime Insurance policy
  • Insures a range of social engineering fraud losses, including:
    • Vendor or supplier impersonation
    • Executive impersonation
    • Client impersonation
  • Full carve back to the voluntary parting exclusion
  • Broad all-risk language wherein loss does not have to occur through use of computer, email or phone
  • Streamlined supplemental application
  • No requirement for vendors and suppliers to carry crime or fidelity insurance to trigger coverage
  • Coverage is available up to $250,000 per occurrence, with no annual aggregate, though higher limits can be considered with additional underwriting.

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