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Retailers are the life-blood of our consumer economy, with over a million outlets and combined annual revenue of over $5 trillion in the United States. Retailers employ millions of people not only at the customer retail level, but at distribution facilities and the transportation of goods between those two points.

Chubb understands that risk management is critical to maintaining your profits and staying competitive, both in the marketplace and with your workforce. Chubb Risk Engineering Services has deep knowledge and expertise in the retail business space, and stands ready to assist you with proven risk management solutions and experience. Our account coordinators work closely with our worldwide network of risk engineers to seamlessly execute a customized service plan, ensuring consistency and quality wherever you are located.

When selecting an insurance partner, it is important to consider the skills and expertise of its loss prevention staff. Examples of services we have provided for our retail clients include:

  • Evaluation of your distribution operations, to include the impact of process flow on employee safety, and air quality evaluations in dock areas and other areas that utilize internal combustion engine equipment.
  • Slip, trip, and fall assessments for both public exposure areas and backroom/distribution operations
  • Manual material handling / ergonomic evaluations and mitigation programs for retail, maintenance and distribution employees
  • Property protection addressing fire detection and suppression, reduction of fire exposures and chemical storage
  • Fire Protection System Impairment and Hot Work Permit programs
  • Insight into products liability exposures, from consumer products to food items
  • Management of contractual liability, both for products distributed and contracted services
  • Assistance with fleet programming development and administration

With Chubb Risk Engineering Services, you have a trusted partner with more than 70 years of experience. Let our retail expertise help your team reduce accidents and downtime. Talk to your agent or broker to learn more about the Chubb difference.