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If there had been any doubt, the last few years have made clear that lawsuits against any and all parties involved with retirement and welfare plans are here to stay. Indeed, plan sponsors and fiduciaries now face increased risks of litigation on a number of fronts, and the need for comprehensive fiduciary liability insurance is greater than ever. For these reasons, Chubb commissioned the ERISA-experienced law firm of Groom Law Group, Chartered to compile this special report to help our customers and brokers understand the potential liability that fiduciaries face in today’s litigious environment.

In the report, learn more about:

  • Understanding ERISA responsbilities
  • Legal actions brought against employee benefit plans and personnel
  • Practical suggestions for plan design and administration
  • Role of fiduciary liability insurance

Plan sponsors and fiduciaries need to be proactive to insulate themselves in an ever-changing legal environment. Well-designed, well-executed, and well-administered benefit plans are an important foundation for limiting litigation exposure moving forward.

Protect Yourself From ERISA Risks

Download this special report, "Who May Sue You and Why: How to Reduce Your ERISA Risks, and the Role of Fiduciary Liability Insurance," and learn how you can reduce the risks.