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Each law firm’s culture is unique and your insurance should be too. With Chubb, you get the benefits of flexible, tailor-made coverage and quality service.

Coverage Highlights


  • Designed to help protect law firms of 10 or more attorneys
  • Programs tailored to meet particular needs of each firm
  • Ongoing loss control services and unparalleled claims service by our attorney-claims specialists
  • Customizable with additional enhancements to suit the individual needs of insured firms


  • Claims made policy, not claims made and reported
  • Definition of professional services expanded to include escrow agent, arbitrator or mediator, government affairs advisor or lobbyist, and title agent
  • Expanded definition of Claim
  • Broad definition of Wrongful Act
  • Advancement of defense costs
  • Right to select own counsel in the event of a claim
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Innocent partner protection
  • Bilateral (two-way) extended reporting period option
  • Non-cancelable once the premium is paid


  • Up to $25 million available