Life Sciences

Medical Device Companies

  • Rapid technological advances, emerging litigation risks, a global marketplace and increasing demand for your products keep your risks in constant flux. Our innovative all-lines solution and leadership in risk engineering and claims help us serve your unique needs.
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Client Profile

  • Cosmetic
  • Diagnostic
  • Healthcare Information Technology – Patient Care
  • Healthcare Information Technology – Device/Pharma Support
  • Implantable Products
  • Medical Processing Equipment
  • Monitoring
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Therapeutic

Manage Risks

  • A salesperson in the operating room provides inappropriate advice to the physician using your implantable medical device
  • Your property is over-radiated on the premises of a third party sterilization facility.
  • After you recall a product, your current insurer non-renews your claims made product liability insurance.
  • You are sued for bodily injury arising out of exposure to a medical device sold by a company two years before you acquired them.
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