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boats docked at a marina

In the past 100 years, Atlantic hurricanes have wreaked havoc as far north as Halifax, Nova Scotia and as far south as the Caribbean islands and Central America. We have all witnessed the vast devastation these storms have caused. Although we’re experiencing below-normal activity this year, the key lesson from past storms is that a well thought out emergency action plan may significantly reduce direct and indirect damage.

Chubb's Preparing Marinas for the Hurricane Season, developed by Chubb’s Marine Facilities' loss control specialists, provides detailed guidelines for developing and implementing a hurricane emergency action plan. Highlights include:

  • Key lessons learned from the destructive hurricanes of the past
  • Important steps marinas and yacht clubs can take before, during and after a hurricane to minimize damage and assist in the recovery

Preparing Marinas for the Hurricane Season

Take action now to help protect your commercial marina or yacht club from the devastation of a hurricane.