Life Sciences

Life Sciences Services Organizations

  • Outsourcing has led to rapid growth in your industry. You face a full range of regulatory compliance, product liability and financial injury concerns. Our innovative errors or omissions insurance, along with our other industry-leading solutions offer the tailored protection you need.



Client Profile:

  • Blood and Tissue Organizations
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Distributors
  • Laboratories
  • Product Development Tools
  • Site Management Organizations

Manage Risks:

  • Your organization pays $2.5 million to settle a data disclosure allegation.
  • The FDA halts your clients clinical trial because of false data submitted by a clinical investigator.
  • Inaccurate benchmarking invalidates test data necessitating repetition of your client’s studies.
  • You are sued for bodily injury from a product you contract manufactured in accordance with your client’s design.