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Life Science companies face a range of compliance, liability, data disclosure, and financial injury concerns. Issues such as managing trials in developing countries, ensuring proper informed consent from participants and ensuring your associates follow good clinical practice guidelines are also critical.

Our policies cover global products and professional liability as well as clinical trials in countries around the world.

Coverage Highlights


  • Experienced underwriters who understand the unique and complex challenges of the Life Sciences industry
  • International policies to cover worldwide exposure of our insureds
  • Global Reach: As part of Chubb, we can tap into the resources of a global network of affiliates and partners providing products in more than 150 countries around the world


  • Products-completed operations liability for biotechnology, specialty pharmaceutical and non-implantable medical device companies
  • Package capabilities include property, automobile, inland marine, crime, boiler and machinery, and workers compensation for companies from preclinical research and development through clinical trials to marketed products
  • Global coverage to meet specific insurance needs worldwide including foreign admitted clinical trials policies in many countries and international package policies


  • Clinical Trials
    • Up to $15 million in capacity for sponsors of human clinical trials for biologics, pharmaceuticals, and non-implantable medical device trials
  • Sold Products
    • Up to $10 million in capacity for biotechnology companies of any size, and specialty pharmaceutical companies with less than $500 million in sales
    • Up to $10 million in capacity for non-implantable medical devices such as diagnostic testing kits, drug delivery devices, invasive surgical tools and radiology devices
  • Contact Research Organizations and Site Management Organizations
    • Up to $10 million in capacity for products liability, errors and omissions liability and medical professional liability

(Not available on all accounts. Limits available are based upon underwriting guidelines and account characteristics.)

Client Profile

  • Biotechnology companies
  • Specialty pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical products manufacturers of non-implantable products
  • Contract Research Organizations and Site Management Organizations

Restricted Classes

  • Nutriceuticals, vitamins, dietary supplements, herbals or botanicals
  • Cosmetic products