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Helping The Real Estate Industry Indentify Risk

Get details on some of the emerging exposures facing today's real estate companies and how to manage them in our advisory "Keeping Pace With Evolving Risks In Real Estate".

Domestic and global factors are driving a resurgence in U.S. real estate that marks a sharp rebound from the lows of the financial crisis.

As businesses providing housing and work spaces for the public, the real estate industry faces a particularly wide variety of risks, some of which may be underestimated or even unrecognized. A comprehensive approach to risk management and risk transfer can help companies address and mitigate these exposures

Investment from China, for instance, has grown from a relatively small amount in 2010 to a major force in all sectors of the U.S. real estate market, including residential.

Chinese Pull Back From U.S. Property Investment, Wall Street Journal, Nv. 27, 2015

In changing markets, one constant factor is the need for proactive risk management that can include insurance coverage for contractual liability, property, casualty, environmental, cyber and other exposures.

Read our advisory to learn how to help keep pace with emerging and traditional exposures, as well as the major risks facing the real estate industry today, such as:

  • Contractual Liability
  • Physical and Cyber Security
  • Public Slip Trip & Fall
  • Workplace Violence
  • Water Damage & Mitigation
  • Environmental Exposures

Learn More About Our Holistic Approach to Real Estate Risk Management