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  • We help our clients customize Industrial Hygiene (IH) services to meet each client’s unique needs. Services can vary from general identification and evaluations to in-depth assessments

Create a healthier and more productive work environment for employees by helping your business reduce the workplace hazards and organizational risk factors that cause occupational illnesses. ESIS consultants assist in the development of tactical solutions for rapid results and strategic initiatives to integrate effective risk management processes into your operations. As a result, we help your business demonstrate HSE value.




Led by our team of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) averaging more than 20 years of experience, our highly credentialed and experienced teams help protect your employees’ health and helps your organization meet applicable government regulations and industry standards.

Our IH services include, but are not limited to:

  • IH assessments - Chemicals, noise and other physical agents (radiations, heat, cold, etc.) and biological contaminants (mold, Legionella, etc.)
  • IH program audit or review - Full IH Programs or single topic programs (respiratory protection, hearing conservation, etc.
  • Indoor air quality assessments - Ventilation, mold, odors and other complaints
  • Occupational disease investigations - Under workers compensation and as toxic torts

Key IH Services for Construction:

Indoor Air Quality

ESIS can provide indoor air investigations of construction projects to respond to and minimize indoor air or “sick building syndrome” complaints or problems that might arise during renovation projects. Prior to the start of the construction project, ESIS can provide proactive health and safety services and develop dust and solvent control plans to minimize costly issues like building evacuations due to concerns with dust levels or solvent vapors/odors. ESIS also can audit staff or subcontractors to ensure that health and safety, and dust/solvent control programs are being followed.

Renovation Exposures

Air sampling can be used to document air concentrations and collect wipe samples prior to and after renovations. Effective air sampling combined with proper isolation and creation of a negative atmosphere can help verify that the ventilation system is not spreading construction dust, paint solvents, and fungi to other areas of the facility. These precautions can reduce complaints and document the extent of exposures, which may assist in the event of contract and tenant disputes.

Water Damage and Mold

If there is water damage to building materials, ESIS can assist in identification and quantitation of mold through collection of tape, bulk or air samples. ESIS provides sampling to assess the effectiveness of contractors responsible for mold remediation. This helps to validate that the contractor performed the proper removal services and the replaced materials are not causing other health-related problems. Finally, fungal spore clearance levels can be determined prior to removing isolation barriers.

Silica and Lead

ESIS can help establish and document silica and/or lead air concentrations during demolition or renovations. Bulk materials and paints can also be evaluated by EHL for the presence of silica and/or lead prior to renovations.

Construction Dusts

EHL can provide guidance on the appropriate media to use to collect and evaluate potential exposures during construction including welding fumes, soldering exposures, dust levels from cutting or grinding, and/or solvents from evaporation or paint spray operations.


EHL can identify the presence or absence of asbestos in bulk samples you collect.

ESIS Laboratory:

ESIS’ owned and operated American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) accredited Environmental Health Laboratory (EHL) provides sampling media and analyzes samples taken to evaluate employee exposures to dust and chemicals used in the workplace using Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and in-house methods.

Services include:

  • Organic solvent analyses by gas chromatography with flame ionization, nitrogen/phosphorus and electron capture detectors • Total, respirable and inhalable dust analyses using micro balances in our environmentally controlled room
  • Welding fume and metals analyses using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)
  • Organics analyses of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), aldehydes and pesticides using liquid chromatography with an Ultra Violet (UV) diode array detector
  • Analyses of anions and cations by ion chromatography with conductivity detection
  • Asbestos bulk identification and quantitation of air fiber concentrations by polarized light and phase contrast microscopy
  • Thermal desorption collection of samples and subsequent sub part per billion (ppb) analysis using gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy analyses (EPA TO1/TO2)
  • Minican/whole air canister collection of samples and subsequent sub part per billion (ppb) analysis using gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy analyses (EPA TO14/TO15)
  • Oil quantitation using either Infrared spectrophotornetry or liquid extraction using the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) protocol
  • Spore trap and fungal tape analysis to determine airborne and surface contamination of fungi/mold
  • Many other analysis through our affiliated network of AIHA accredited labs – so we can be your one stop shop for all IH sample analysis.

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