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October 2019

In today’s world of technology, digital networks and social media are common channels most small business owners use to reach out to prospective customers.  Unfortunately, those channels are also often gateways to cyberattacks.  Recent data shows, cyber criminals are turning their attention to smaller companies.  In fact, 62% of all cyber-crime targets were small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), according to Chubb Cyber claims data.

Cyber and privacy is a growing problem for SMEs and one that demands an appropriate, enterprise-level solution.  That’s where Chubb’s Cyber Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) policy comes in, helping protect your small business clients from the often devastating fallout of a cyber-crime and from other leading threats such as malware strains of ransomware or business email compromise.

Chubb Cyber ERM insurance offering includes:
  • Industry Expertise
    • Chubb has been a leading provider of cyber risk solutions since 1998, helping its clients on claims requiring notification of privacy breaches to more than 500 million individuals.   
  • Comprehensive Solutions
    • Superior coverage and services designed to address evolving regulatory, legal, and cybersecurity standards and built to consider future changes.  
  • The Chubb Cyber IndexSM – Award Winning
    • Provides policyholders with real-time access to our data to learn more about cyber threats and how to protect themselves against them.  View The Chubb Cyber IndexSM here.
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For more information on Chubb’s Cyber products please contact your Chubb SCI territory sales leader.