Health Safety and Environmental

ESIS Health, Safety & Environmental is the preferred provider of health, safety and environmental consulting and compliance services. Our relentless focus on the customer experience is why our customers describe us as focused, experienced, flexible, creative, and efficient.


Our ergonomics program is focused on the integration of sound ergonomic principles with practical cost-effective solutions that can help you reduce ergonomic losses, promote employee comfort, and maximize productivity.

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Occupational Safety

We offer a broad range of safety consulting services that address hazards and exposures affecting employees and the general public.

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Environmental Compliance

We offer a full suite of environmental compliance strategic and technical services, including management of air quality, wastewater, solid waste, hazardous materials; emergency preparedness and response; and data management, reporting, and communications.

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We provide clients with sustainable services such as clean technologies and carbon footprint determination.

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Industrial Hygiene

Our highly experienced teams help protect your employees’ health while meeting applicable government regulations and industry standards.

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Construction Safety

We provide effective solutions for the unique characteristics of a dynamic construction environment.

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Building Sciences

We deliver cost-effective strategies and  state of the art building assessment and sampling methodologies to assist our business partners in managing environmental, health, and safety risks.

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