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Customers expect and demand more, and they’re not pleased when their expectations aren’t met. Today's burgeoning personal and business service companies face ever-increasing expectations of performance, a general belief that there's always a "deep pocket" with the ability to pay, and a continuing escalation of settlements and court verdicts. Few privately owned service companies are immune to the potentially devastating effects of an expensive legal action from a customer alleging errors or omissions in the performance of promised services. Chubb’s policy is specially crafted to offer the important protection you need.

Coverage Highlights


  • Private company underwriters located across the U.S. are experienced in a broad range of professional firms
  • Flexible underwriting approach to unique risks requiring customized coverage solutions


  • Responds to allegations including:
    • Error in performance of service
    • Negligent acts or advice
    • Failure to perform a service
    • Failure of a third party, for whom your company is legally responsible, to perform professional services
    • Breach of contract
    • Misrepresentation of services
  • Insures the company, directors and officers, members of the board of managers or management committee, in-house general counsel, volunteers and interns, and full-time, part-time, seasonal, leased, and temporary employees

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