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Our advisory examines how film production insurance can help producers and artists mitigate the evolving risks of foreign shoots.

Explosions and dramatic stunts in exotic locales keep movie audiences on the edge of their seats, but behind the scenes, filmmakers must strive to keep the actors, stunt performers and crew safe while providing only the illusion of danger on screen. The scenes may be fictional, but the risks remain all too real. Pyrotechnics can cause severe injuries and death; car chases and other auto scenes too often lead to injuries and significant losses; even the industrial nature of the equipment on a set presents risks that may be overlooked. All of these exposures are heightened when production takes place in another country with differing employment and insurance laws.

The entertainment industry often presents out-of-the-ordinary exposures, but with proper precautions many of those risks are insurable. The main insurance coverages available to the industry include general liability, contingent auto and employer responsibility. Foreign locations and production sites, along with the layered and cascading contracts frequently used in the industry, add to the complexity.

Producers may want to consider a film product package that covers:

  • cast insurance
  • production media
  • props
  • sets and wardrobe
  • production equipment
  • extra expense
  • damage to property and other exposures

The most exciting action scenes can still be insured – and filmed safely - if the proper precautions and procedures are followed.

Know Your Risks When Filming Abroad

Get details on some of the key risks facing today's global film productions and how to manage them in our advisory, "Foreign Productions and Tours Add Risk for Filmmakers and Artists.”