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Coverage Highlights

Companies of every size are doing business overseas, whether exporting goods and services or sending employees abroad. They need insurance that can grow with them as they expand their operations overseas.

As foreign activities increase, so do the risks. Chubb’s Exporters Package Portfolio provides state-of-the-art insurance protection for overseas risks, all in one package. The portfolio can be tailored to meet the needs of individual companies, with offerings ranging from property and liability to kidnap/ransom/extortion and ocean cargo.

  • General liability insurance applies to foreign occurrences and includes protection for U.S. occurrences when suit is brought outside the United States and Canada. Further, partnerships, limited liability companies and our insured’s interest in joint ventures are included.
  • Foreign voluntary workers compensation is insurance for bodily injury from accidents of diseases that occur while your employees are working outside of their home country, subject to the applicability of any state workers compensation statutory requirements.
  • Commercial automobile liability applies on a primary basis for nonowned or hired autos, with no compulsory self-insured retention required.
  • Personal property protection includes laptop computers, sales samples and trade show materials at unscheduled locations and while in transit.
  • Blanket accident insurance provides 24-hour protection for travel outside the United States.

Six additional insurance offerings are available to meet the unique needs of each client and help minimize potential gaps in existing insurance programs:

  • Business income
  • Kidnap/ransom and extortion
  • Crime
  • Ocean cargo
  • Political risk
  • Products withdrawal expense