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Life sciences companies face increasing pressure from customers, regulators and consumers relating to delivery and performance of their services or products. Chubb is a proven leader in customized, cutting edge insurance solutions for life sciences companies worldwide, including our next generation blended liability and first party cyber solution, Integrity+ for Life Sciences.

We have more than 200 full time underwriters, loss control specialists and claim professionals across the globe dedicated to the life sciences industry. Together they anticipate the impact of converging technology, regulation, claim and litigation trends, while promoting risk management best practices.

Coverage Highlights


  • Experienced leadership, with expert underwriters and claims professionals
  • Claims coordination through the Chubb worldwide network
  • Advanced customer focused technology
  • Industry-leading global network and product breadth
  • In-depth knowledge of clinical trials and underwriting expertise
  • Locally-admitted policies in most countries, including South America and the Middle East, where coverage may not be readily available
  • Ability to deliver insurance solutions on a global basis with a coordinated approach and dependable quality


Integrity+ by Chubb provides insurance to protect and preserve Life Sciences companies' most important relationships; with customers, with vendors, with employees, with sub-contractors and on behalf of shareholders.

Integrity+ For Life Sciences provides blended insurance and offers the following features:

Errors and Omissions Liability Financial injury due to a product or service defect or contract performance failure.

Destructive Programming Liability Damages and claimant costs you are obligated to pay due to financial injury caused by computer access granted by a supplier or vendor that results in destructive programming.

Cyber Liability Damages and claimant costs you are obligated to pay due to injury caused by unauthorized access or use of data or information in electronic form.

Disclosure of Confidential Information, Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement, and Reputation Disparagement Damages and claimant costs resulting from actual or suspected publication, disclosure of confidential information, intellectual property infringement, or other violations.

Additional Coverages In addition, Integrity+ by Chubb reimburses the insured for a broad array of expenses relating to the unauthorized access or unauthorized use of data, systems or networks including forensics, privacy remediation, cyber threat and cyber reward expenses.

Worldwide Coverage Territory

  • Policy automatically applies on a worldwide basis

Looking for E&O coverage for a Life Sciences company?

We can help with that.