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July 2019

For small business owners in the food services industry, putting fresh food and beverages in the mouths of their customers is their passion.  But what happens when there is a prolonged power outage, equipment breakdown, or a food contamination claim that leaves their inventory spoiled, their pockets empty, and their reputation on the line?

Chubb’s industry-leading business owner’s policy (Chubb BOP) stands apart from the competition in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Flexible coverage limits
    • Chubb provides your clients with the freedom to endorse their policies to whatever coverage limit they prefer!  Underwriting review is required however, for any limit greater than $350,000.
  • No unnecessary agreements
    • While many of our competitors require it, Chubb does not demand a refrigeration maintenance agreement.
  • Broad causes of loss
    • While many of our competitors need a mechanical breakdown or power outage to occur in order for their spoilage coverage to be triggered, Chubb BOP does not.
    • Chubb’s causes of loss include dampness or dryness of atmosphere, changes in or extreme temperature, or marring and scratching.
  • Property in transit coverage
    • While many of our competitors offer on-premises and off-premises coverage, oftentimes their policies exclude in transit coverage.

To learn how Chubb BOP can better protect your small business clients, please contact your Chubb Small Commercial Insurance territory sales leader.