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September 2019

From electrical hazards to machine guarding – small business owners in the manufacturing industry constantly navigate through a challenging array of exposures.  And that doesn’t even include typical risks, like property damage, that many businesses experience!

Are your small business clients’ business owner’s policies (BOP) adequately equipped to protect them from the unpredictable exposures they face?  Chubb’s industry leading product includes:

  • Research and Development Property*
    • While many of our competitors offer similar coverage, Chubb BOP also includes the necessary and reasonable additional cost to repair or replace research and development property.
    • Examples include written, printed, or inscribed document plans, records, or formulas; processes or cultures and resulting products, samples, or other materials produced by such processes or cultures; and prototypes.

  • Food Contamination – Business Income and Extra Expense*
    • In addition to standard food contamination coverages offered by our competitors, Chubb BOP also pays up to $2,500 for the cost of advertising to regain customers.

  • Temperature or Humidity Change
    • Compared to the basic spoilage coverage offered by some of our competitors, Chubb BOP covers a broader number of causes that result in the direct physical loss or damage to perishable stock.
    • Causes include mechanical breakdown, failure of stationary heating units or refrigerators, cooling or humidity control apparatus’ or equipment, and more.

  • Product Replace and Recall Expense*
    • While other competitors offer similar coverage, Chubb BOP also pays for reasonable and necessary advertising expenses to regain customers following a recall incident.
To learn how Chubb BOP can better protect your small business clients, please contact your Chubb Small Commercial Insurance territory sales leader.

*Through Chubb’s business owners property enhancements for manufacturers