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Today’s standard commercial general liability (CGL) policy most likely excludes any construction exposure with an actual or perceived environmental liability. The rapid growth of the pollution insurance market over the last decade, however, means that coverage for an increasing range of environmental risks is widely available, including for contractors.

But what happens when contractors overlook environmental risks on a site, such as pre-existing asbestos-containing materials or lead-based paint, or fail to recognize how their daily operations could lead to pollution conditions?

While a decade ago, contractor’s pollution liability was not a regular part of the insurance specification for construction projects that is not the case today.

Read our advisory, “Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage — An Integral Part of Every Project,” to learn more about: 

  • How pollution insurance coverages adapt to new exposures
  • Which economic and regulatory trends are impacting environmental exposures
  • What risk management steps contractors can take to protect against unexpected environmental risks
  • Which exposures confront contractors outside the United States

Get Protection for Your Overlooked Pollution Risks

Download our whitepaper for more information about Chubb’s Contractor Pollution Liability (CPL) Coverage.