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June 2019

Small business owners in the food services industry are exposed to a multitude of risks that could impact their establishment’s reputation and profits.   According to the Harvard Business Review, there are more sexual harassment claims in the food services industry than in any other industry.  Furthermore, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission estimates an employment practices liability (EPL) claim costs an average of $450,000 per case.

Are your small business clients in the food services industry prepared in the event of a devastating EPL insurance claim?

Chubb Small Commercial Insurance’s (SCI) employment practices liability insurance helps protect business owners from a broad range of issues including:

  • Discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, color, and/or national origin
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Disability rights
  • And more!
In addition, Chubb SCI also offers third-party (e.g. a customer, vendor, or supplier) EPL insurance, which protects small business owners and their employees against lawsuits from past, present, and prospective employees alleging discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination.

For more information on how Chubb SCI’s insurance solutions can help protect your small business clients in the food services industry, please contact your territory sales leader.

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