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July 2020

Chubb Small Business will be introducing new enhancements to the Chubb Marketplace very soon!  Improvements include even more efficient data entry and a user interface refresh.

As part of the enhanced experience, you can anticipate new features in the following locations:  

An enhanced pre-quote process will increase the amount of prefilled data allowing you to spend less time on data entry.    

Quote Summary
Improvements to the quote summary page include:  

  • More intuitive button placement – the Refer to underwriter, Create quote proposal, and Issue buttons are more clearly identified and allow you to easily select the product you want to include for these actions.
  • Quote proposal list – the list of previously generated quote proposals is now located in a right-hand navigation bar displaying the full list without the need to scroll.  
  • Recommended products carousel – a carousel with product information and images has been added to the bottom of the quote summary page allowing you to see all available products on the Chubb Marketplace.  This new visual element will remind you to proceed with quoting a product you previously expressed interest in.