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This enhanced global D&O liability insurance proposition for multinational businesses enables you to capitalize on Chubb’s global presence of Chubb-owned offices in 54 countries, rely upon our expertise in coordinating local policies around the world, and access our Syndicate 2488 for a single policy that covers risk throughout Lloyd’s broad license network.

Coverage Highlights


  • Complements Chubb’s comprehensive suite of products – giving you numerous options for placing multinational D&O programs, and offering consistent, knowledgeable coverage, regardless of location
  • Coverholder status provides Chubb with the ability to handle all clients’ multinational D&O coverage requirements directly from the U.S.
  • In jurisdictions where Chubb is not licensed, an Chubb 2488 Global D&O policy enables us to offer substantially similar coverage and pay covered claims in additional countries, thanks to Lloyd’s comprehensive license network.
  • Where local policies are required in non-admitted jurisdictions outside of Lloyds’ footprint, Chubb can coordinate local policy issuance through our global network.


  • As a Lloyd’s coverholder, Chubb has binding authority to issue policies on behalf of our Syndicate 2488 in the U.S.
  • Provides enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in addressing clients’ increasing need for global insurance programs.
  • Convenience of a Lloyd’s policy mitigates the need for multiple local policies, thanks to Lloyd’s comprehensive license network.
  • Eases coverage placement and policy administration by offering a single point of contact with a U.S.-based underwriter.
  • Increased contract certainty offering broader coverage and the ability to pay covered losses in an expanded network of countries, including territories covered by Lloyd’s global network of offices as well as those covered by Chubb’s own licenses.
  • Access to Chubb’s global infrastructure and capabilities, offering convenient and efficient risk management.
  • Monoline coverage available.