Chubb Global Risk Advisors

Building Sciences Compliance Consulting

  • We deliver cost-effective strategies and state of the art building assessment and sampling methodologies to assist our business partners in managing environmental, health, and safety risks.
  • Our building sciences professionals are committed to providing quality field and written products that are scientifically defensible, limit our business partners' real property liability, and provide usable data to reduce or eliminate operating impacts on our client's business.

Solution Highlights

  • Building sciences: regulated and hazardous materials assessment and management services
  • Transactional due diligence: Phase I, Phase II, and site remediation management
  • Indoor air quality assessment and testing services
  • Drinking water and Legionella testing services
  • Facility decommissioning: demolition management and hazardous materials support services
  • On Call™ Environmental Incident Response Program
  • Retail building science specialty practice
  • Telecom building science specialty practice

Hazardous Materials Management

  • Asbestos inspections, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) program development, abatement design, and abatement project oversight
  • Lead paint surveys, risk and hazard assessments, abatement project design, and abatement project monitoring
  • Mold assessment, testing, and remediation management
  • Regulated and hazardous material inventory services
  • Environmental training, program development, and training program implementation
  • Commercial tenant environmental audits
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