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Unfortunately, the chance of cargo theft happening to you isn't contingent on the type of products being transported. Thieves target goods that not only have real intrinsic value, but also those that can be easily sold on the gray or black market. Although electronic devices, designer apparel, wine and spirits, pharmaceuticals and others are recognized as high-risk products, there is a wide array of merchandise that is regularly stolen.

Chubb’s loss control specialists want to help you protect your cargo. We advocate solutions that combine physical and procedural controls and also endorse a layered approach to cargo loss control that incorporates four key components:

  • Threat (identifying potential adverse events)
  • Vulnerability (identifying weaknesses in processes and procedures)
  • Criticality (identifying and evaluating important operations and assets)
  • Risk (determining the likelihood, severity and impact of an adverse event)

We are pleased to provide these guidelines to help you better  protect goods in transit. By proactively taking steps to prepare and protect your cargo, and working with your suppliers to ensure appropriate procedures are followed, you may be able to manage your future losses.

Help Protect Your Cargo From Costly Thefts

Download our advisory to learn more about how to protect your cargo in transit.