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October 2018

Chubb Small Commercial Insurance (SCI) is always striving for a better and more efficient experience for our independent agents and their small business clients.  We value our agents’ expertise and opinions – after all, the Chubb Marketplace was designed by agents, for agents.

Accordingly, Chubb SCI encourages you and your small business clients to provide feedback on the Chubb Marketplace and the Chubb Commercial Client Center.

Chubb Marketplace
You can provide feedback on your experiences with the Chubb Marketplace in one of two ways:

1.  Through your client’s Customer Profile; or
2.  On your client’s quote summary page

In both instances, simply click on the Feedback button attached to the scroll bar and provide your input.

Chubb Commercial Client Center
Your small business clients also have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences with the Chubb Commercial Client Center.

Upon arriving on the dashboard, they can simply select the Feedback button attached to the scroll bar.

Have questions?

Please contact your Chubb SCI territory sales leader.