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May 2018

Chubb’s commitment to providing world-class claim service is evident in the speed, empathy, and integrity with which we handle claims. Superior claim handling is made possible by Chubb’s experienced and knowledgeable staff who have access to a variety of resources throughout the claim process.  But how do you report a claim in the event your client suffers a loss or lawsuit?

As you know, it is critical to notify Chubb of a claim as soon as possible.  As a rule of thumb, claims should be reported to Chubb within 24-hours of notice/report of a potential loss.

Depending on the line of business, claims can be reported by phone, email, or online.

For business owner’s policy (Chubb BOP) or umbrella claims, please contact:

  • Phone:  1.844.539.3801
  • Email:

For workers’ compensation claims, please contact:

For commercial auto claims, please contact:

For management & professional liability claims, please contact:

  • Email:

For Cyber Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)/DigiTech® ERM claims, please contact:

  • Email:

For foreign package claims, please contact:

  • Phone:  1.800.433.0385
  • Email:

Have questions?

Please contact your Chubb SCI territory sales leader.