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March 2018

Employees are a small business’ most valuable asset and are often like family.  The goal is to keep them safe, but when an injury occurs, small business owners want their employees treated with respect and empathy.  They want solutions that get them healthy and back to work as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Chubb SCI’s workers’ compensation policy provides world-class claims services and the peace of mind that comes with being Chubb insured.  Benefits of Chubb’s customer-focused workers’ compensation claims approach include:

  • Sophisticated analytics that generate insights to support the adjuster’s expertise as early as the first notice of loss
  • Specialized workers’ compensation fraud and recovery specialists that identify, investigate, and resist all fraudulent and exaggerated claims and pursue potential recovery opportunities
  • Real-time, online access to claim notes that allows your small business clients to stay up-to-date on the progress of their claim
  • Managed care savings reports that detail savings across a small business owner’s workers’ compensation program
  • A dynamic medical and disability management program that offers:
    • Dedicated nurse professionals with 20+ years of industry experience that assist with medical management and timely return to work
    • Preferred provider networks focused on occupational injuries that help employees receive timely and appropriate care at a reasonable cost
    • Pharmacy benefit management programs that ensures appropriate prescribing of drugs based on the injury and eliminates out-of-pocket expenses for the injured worker
    • Medical bill repricing processes resulting in an average savings of $0.69 of each dollar billed

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