Did You Know: 3 Steps To Sell Side A D&O

Our CODA Side A DIC (Difference in Condition) broad-form Directors & Officers Liability Insurance policy is available to all types of companies - public, private, not-for-profit and financial institutions. It's structured to offer broad, comprehensive coverage that cannot be canceled or rescinded by the insurer for any reason other than non-payment of premium. We want to be your go-to market for this coverage.

Take us up on this offer with these 3 steps:

1. Claims Examples

Get examples of Side A and DIC claims payouts and descriptions to illustrate how coverage can come into play. 

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2. Coverage Details

Review the details of our CODA coverage.

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3. Contact Us

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Here are some additional tips to remember when considering Side A DIC coverage:

  • Board members' personal assets may be at risk every day when making decisions for the organization. 
  • Side A protects the D&Os in situations when they are not indemnified by the organization. There are times where the companies cannot legally indemnify the D&Os (think: derivative claims) or are financially unable to do so (think: bankruptcy).
  • Side A DIC coverage helps protect the D&Os in situations where the underlying D&O carrier refuses to indemnify, rescinds the policy or becomes insolvent. 
  • Side A DIC coverage can "drop down" when the traditional D&O policy excludes certain exposures (think: pollution or bodily injury/property damage).
  • Place this important coverage with a carrier that has a formidable history of handling and paying Side A claims.

You can count on us for excellent service and the knowledge to help you sell!

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