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“An issue that concerns all of us is the persistent challenges arising from bigotry, racism and racial injustice in society, particularly for Black people. The events that have unfolded across our nation in recent months have focused our attention on what we should do as citizens and as a company.

We characterize Chubb’s culture as an inclusive meritocracy. We earnestly strive to achieve an environment where all colleagues feel comfortable to perform to their full potential and are recognized for their contributions. It’s a never-ending work in progress and we can do more.

We developed and recently shared with our employees an action plan to which we will hold ourselves accountable. The plan has a few simple objectives:

  • We want to enhance our individual and collective understanding of racism in society and strive within Chubb to be anti-racist in our behavior as individuals and as an organization. We want to actively support each other. It starts with more frank dialogue between our employees of color, particularly Black colleagues, and our white colleagues to create better understanding and awareness about the realities of racism.
  • We’ll hold leaders more accountable for curating and leading an environment of inclusion.
  • And we’ll eliminate policies and practices that potentially create bias and inhibit our ability to create greater racial mix of our workforce at all levels of the company.

This is an enduring process – not a momentary event in time. We believe we have a responsibility to do our part – with candor, open minds and a commitment to change.”

Evan G. Greenberg
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer