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Richard F. Betzler, Jr.

Richard F. Betzler, Jr., Vice President, Chubb Group
Senior Vice President, Global Tax

Richard F. Betzler, Jr. is Vice President, Chubb Group and Senior Vice President, Global Tax. He is responsible for Chubb’s domestic and international tax planning and has oversight of the company’s tax accounting and tax compliance issues.

Prior to ACE’s acquisition of Chubb in January 2016, Mr. Betzler was Senior Vice President of Global Tax for ACE, a position he held since joining the company in 1999. Mr. Betzler was appointed Vice President, ACE Group, in March 2014.

Mr. Betzler has worked for 30 years in corporate taxation. His experience includes a broad range of corporate tax management issues including the federal, state, local and international taxation of insurance companies and products. He also has extensive experience in other areas of tax law including corporate mergers and acquisitions, resolution of audit disputes and accounting for income taxes.

Before ACE, Mr. Betzler served as Vice President and Director of Taxes for Allmerica Financial Corporation. Preceding that position, he was Assistant Vice President of Taxes for the CIGNA Companies.

Mr. Betzler holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Villanova University.