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Protecting the Present and Building a Better Future

Good corporate citizenship lies at our core — how we practice our craft of insurance, how we work together to serve our customers, how we treat each other, and how we work to help make a better world for our communities and our planet. Citizenship is about responsibility — and we express that responsibility in a way that reflects our core values and our mission to protect the present and build a better future.

We accomplish our mission by providing the security from risk that allows people and businesses to grow and prosper. Our mission is realized by sustaining a culture that values and rewards excellence, integrity, inclusion and opportunity; by working to protect our planet and assisting less fortunate individuals and communities in achieving and sustaining productive and healthy lives; and by promoting the rule of law.

From our roots in 18th century Philadelphia, we have built Chubb to be a dynamic, forward-looking global enterprise with a commitment to responsible citizenship. We act on this promise of responsibility through a wide range of activities that include our contributions of time and money.