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Diversity and inclusion are integral to Chubb’s culture. These values fundamentally inform who we are and how we approach our business. Chubb is committed to learning from and building upon past efforts and continuing on the path forward with a thoughtful, practical and deliberate approach to achieving the goal of being a truly diverse and inclusive meritocracy in which all employees feel comfortable to do their best, contribute to their fullest potential in support of our business objectives, and can advance and thrive in their careers.

Race Matters: Chubb’s Commitment to Racial Justice

“An issue that concerns all of us is the persistent challenges arising from bigotry, racism and racial injustice in society, particularly for Black people. The events that have unfolded across our nation in recent months have focused our attention on what we should do as citizens and as a company.

We characterize Chubb’s culture as an inclusive meritocracy. We earnestly strive to achieve an environment where all colleagues feel comfortable to perform to their full potential and are recognized for their contributions. It’s a never-ending work in progress and we can do more.

We developed and recently shared with our employees an action plan to which we will hold ourselves accountable. The plan has a few simple objectives:

  • We want to enhance our individual and collective understanding of racism in society and strive within Chubb to be anti-racist in our behavior as individuals and as an organization. We want to actively support each other. It starts with more frank dialogue between our employees of color, particularly Black colleagues, and our white colleagues to create better understanding and awareness about the realities of racism.
  • We’ll hold leaders more accountable for curating and leading an environment of inclusion.
  • And we’ll eliminate policies and practices that potentially create bias and inhibit our ability to create greater racial mix of our workforce at all levels of the company.

This is an enduring process – not a momentary event in time. We believe we have a responsibility to do our part – with candor, open minds and a commitment to change.”

Evan G. Greenberg
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Leadership Support for Diversity and Inclusion

Chubb strives to be a diverse and inclusive meritocracy in which all employees feel comfortable to do their best, contribute to their fullest potential in support of our business objectives, and can advance and thrive in their careers. While creating an inclusive and equitable environment that engages employees, encourages innovation and ultimately generates stronger business results is a shared responsibility of all 31,000 Chubb employees, leadership commitment is paramount. Chubb executives set the tone at the top through their behaviors and actions. Chubb expects its leaders to be actively engaged; focused on measuring progress; and committed to developing talent and building a robust, diverse leadership pipeline. This is accomplished through:

  • Leadership Accountability. Improving the representation of women in leadership roles is a business imperative for Chubb globally. In the United States, the company is also focused on improving the representation of people of color. To ensure progress, we apply the same discipline, rigor and accountability that exist in other areas of the company’s business. We expect diverse slates of candidates for all leadership roles, and we measure representation and rates of hire, promotion and turnover of women and people of color. The Board of Directors receives regular updates on progress and initiatives. The company has implemented a global talent and organizational review process through which business unit leaders discuss their priorities and plans related to talent development and succession, including their diversity metrics and plans to improve representation of women and people of color at leadership levels and in the leadership pipeline for their unit. Beginning in 2018, the evaluation of executives’ performance will consider their progress and results.
  • Leadership Competencies and Leadership Development. Leaders at Chubb are expected to be skilled and capable in building and leading inclusive teams. “Inclusive team leadership” is one of our stated competencies. In addition, expectations around diversity and inclusion are embedded in management and leadership programs across the company.
  • Review of Employment-Related Decisions. To guard against unconscious bias in hiring, promotions, development and rewards, Chubb encourages transparent selection processes, provides guidelines for performance-based decisions, and offers management training to recognize bias and adjust practices accordingly. In the United States, for example, the company implemented an “inclusion toolkit” for hiring managers, which, among other things, promotes diverse panels of interviewers. Chubb also reviews annual performance rating distributions and compensation recommendations to ensure fairness for women and people of color.

Business Roundtables and Regional Inclusion Councils

Chubb is also harnessing the power of diverse perspectives, backgrounds and ways of thinking. Business Roundtables and Regional Inclusion Councils — sponsored by some of Chubb’s most senior executives — promote dynamic networking across businesses and engage hundreds of employees in constructive dialogue to make the company better on all levels. These circles of support focus on employee onboarding, development and retention and help us build stronger relationships with, and gain deeper insights into, our diverse customer and distribution partner communities.

Chubb Pride

Chubb Pride’s mission is to maximize the development, engagement, advancement and business contributions with the goal of visible Pride representation throughout the organization. Specifically, Pride positively influences our culture and policies regarding issues and advocacy by collaborating with our business units to build a greater presence within the marketplace. All employees are welcome. The support of everyone, including straight allies, will help Chubb Pride accomplish our goals

Chubb Mosaic

Mosaic is Chubb’s multicultural business roundtable. The group’s mission is to advance Chubb’s corporate diversity and business objectives. Mosaic seeks to increase Chubb’s ability to attract, retain and foster the career development of multicultural talent; serve as a catalyst for market-facing initiatives that attract diverse business opportunities by leveraging Chubb’s multicultural talent and external relationships; and enhance Chubb’s brand recognition among multicultural prospective employees, distribution partners, customers and business communities.

Chubb Impact

Chubb Impact is dedicated to supporting, developing and advancing women as they work to realize their career goals, while driving Chubb’s business objectives and strengthening ties to clients, brokers and the insurance industry. Chubb Impact provides opportunities for women colleagues to drive business goals further in unique ways, both by providing diversity of thought and by cultivating untapped channels. Impact focuses on networking, development, mentoring, and communication, with the goal of connecting women throughout Chubb and encouraging involvement for all within the organization.

Additional Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Other initiatives across our organization include:

  • Chubb Signatures, a global and regional lecture series for successful senior women, diverse men and inclusion champions to share their unique backgrounds, experiences and hard-earned lessons in business. The platform features live, 60-minute interviews in front of a local audience and is distributed via webcast and replay.
  • Chubb Start, a program aimed at women early in their careers, which supports the development of skills and capabilities necessary for sustained success at Chubb. Participants have access to mid-level women leaders, informal networking opportunities, coaching circles and more formal educational sessions.
  • The Coach’s Award, a recognition program that identifies inclusive managers who are strong performers and who are viewed by their employees as doing an outstanding job in providing feedback, coaching and development support.
  • The Chubb Sponsorship Program, a 2018 pilot initiative to supplement the company’s talent planning and development activities and to strengthen the pipeline of “ready-now” women leaders. Executive sponsors see this as a tangible way to support the advancement of high-performing, diverse talent and to continue improving awareness of the challenges facing diverse talent.

Another example of diversity and inclusion in practice is the Chubb/Bolton Hispanic Business Owners Initiative. Launched last year, the program brings together diverse talent from Chubb; influential Latino business leaders; and the Bolton Group, a key distribution partner of Chubb. This first-to-market campaign focuses on the underserved Latino commercial insurance marketplace in the Los Angeles area. Aside from business development benefits, the initiative provides career development opportunities for Chubb’s diverse talent to draw from their knowledge and skills to tackle real-life business problems.

Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion program here.