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When you think of insurance, you probably think about natural disasters. Or accidents. Or a large stack of documents with small type. At Chubb, we think about things differently. For us, insurance is about one thing: craftsmanship. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s how we serve our clients.

Craftsmanship is about creating something from scratch. It’s about molding and shaping our coverage into exactly what our clients need. It’s about having the skills and expertise to figure out the best way to do the job and then get it done. At Chubb, we don’t plane maple into high-end table tops or machine steel hinges and brackets. But we are craftspeople nonetheless. We combine a passion for service with deep experience and exceptional financial strength to deliver the best possible insurance products for people and for businesses—big and small.

Craftsmanship at Chubb

Precision, expertise, excellence in execution.


Exceptional Service

When you buy an insurance policy from Chubb, you buy a promise — that we will be there when you need us most. 

In the event of a loss, our experienced claims professionals work to pay all covered claims fairly and promptly — whether it is for an individual with a $200 travel insurance claim or a corporation with a $20 million casualty claim.

But our service begins well before that, with an array of complimentary services designed to help you minimize the chances of a loss and make sure you are prepared and protected. Chubb’s residential risk consultants help personal insurance customers safeguard their homes, possessions and families, while our expert commercial risk engineers provide customized risk management programs and services to businesses.

Our reputation for superior service is second to none. Chubb’s professionals around the world—from underwriters and claims professionals to commercial risk engineers and residential risk consultants — are always striving to deliver exceptional service to our customers and business partners. It’s who we are.

Craftsmen of Insurance

Insurance is personal and it's personal to us, too.

When you choose Chubb, you’re choosing to work with professionals who are truly dedicated to their craft. At our core we are craftsmen of insurance. How we practice our craft, how we work together to serve customers and how we treat each other is central to what we do.

Risk Engineers at Chubb

Our in-house network of more than 400 risk engineers around the globe helps businesses stay ahead of the risks with their deep expertise in many areas – from real estate to medical device manufacturers, from clean tech to ergonomics. Here are some of their stories.

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Andy Ackerson, Workers Compensation Risk Specialist

Growing up on a family-owned dairy farm, Andy began learning about working in hazardous environments through organizations like Future Farmers of America, 4-H and the Tractor Safety Club. Now he is dedicated to helping others work safely.

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Tony Bianco, Senior Equipment Breakdown Risk Engineer

Tony enjoys cooking and helping others. Recently, he noticed disabled veterans having trouble operating cooking grills and enlisted an engineering STEM program to help—an effort supported by Chubb. That support and a career he loves are greatly appreciated.

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Vintage experience

Katelyn Foster

Risk Engineer, United States  

Chubb Risk Engineer Katelyn Foster explains, "Craftsmanship is precision. We work with clients and help them develop their safety culture. We want to know about every little piece in the process so we can put it together and ensure our clients operate at a higher level."

For Katelyn, her work focusing on wineries and nature preserves is special because she helps owners "protect what is important to them – their business and their employees."

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Shared Passions

Thomas Mangnall

Senior Risk Consultant, United Kingdom

For Thomas Mangnall, being a craftsman of insurance provides an opportunity to spend time with kindred spirits – just when he’s needed most. “What I love about my role at Chubb is that I’m seeing people who are really passionate about their home, about what they collect. It’s a real privilege to meet all of these clients.”

“Having come from an art background, I think the Craftsmanship ideal is really quite important because it allows me to interact with clients better when it comes to their possessions – and they’re receptive to that,” adds Thomas.

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Earthquakes, floods, disasters. It’s my job.

Catalina Sierra

Risk Engineer Manager, Chile

Chubb Risk Engineer Manager Catalina Sierra explains, "Earthquakes, floods, natural disasters. These are the things I think about all the time. But I don’t worry. I enjoy thinking about these things. It is my job.”

For Catalina, what she does begins with understanding. “Having a good relationship with clients is vital. “They need to see me more than just a person from an insurance company. They need to see me as a person they can trust and help them best manage their risks.”

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Chris Hernandez, Vice President Digital Programs Officer

“When you think about wearables, you think of steps and heart rate but not body movements in terms of ergonomics. I share with clients the possibilities of these technologies—looking at biomechanics and analyzing their employees’ movements for safety and how their employees are holding up.” 

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Tina Minter, Senior Risk Specialist

“Every person can teach me something. I try and grasp that knowledge while working with my clients, as well as my co-workers. We work together for a mutual benefit—the companies improve their safety programs and I help Chubb to reduce the risk of our clients having losses and injuries.”

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Amy Ryan, Senior Life Science Specialist

Amy’s love of science and ability to be flexible are important assets in her role. “It comes down to the fundamental charge of a safety professional. I’m sending people home the way they came in at the beginning of their shift, keeping people healthy and safe.” 

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Underwriters at Chubb

Chubb is an underwriting company — everything starts with underwriting and assuming risk is at the heart of the company’s business. Chubb is led by underwriters and its culture is centered on the art and science of taking risk.  We practice our craft better than any company of size -- and have a track record of outperformance that demonstrates it.  Because we’re present in many markets and survey them constantly, we can be nimble and seize on opportunities as local market conditions change. At the same time, our willingness to trade market share for underwriting profitability contributes to our strong competitive profile.

Chubb’s commitment to underwriting discipline brings benefits to distribution partners and customers in all market cycles. Our reliability, consistency and quality make us a make us a go-to source for agents and brokers to serve their customers.  The insights we gain from being close to our customers and distribution partners enables us to better serve each market with the right products, capabilities and services.

Fine works require many skilled hands

Fern Tan

Head of Casualty, Singapore

Senior Casualty Underwriter Fern Tan believes “insurance is a people business. It’s built on trust and those we serve.”

As a craftsman of insurance, Fern approaches things differently. She always gets others involved to work on finding a better way. “I try to think out of the box and find solutions” says Fern. “For me, being a Craftsman is about being a problem solver. It’s about understanding fine works require many skilled hands. It’s about coming together as a team and coming out with a solution.”

With rapid technological change, Fern works with agents and brokers to help them ensure clients can successfully navigate an increasingly complex world. “With our expertise, we help clients take bold new steps with confidence that they’re putting their best foot forward,” says Fern. “The journey we are on is not a race – it’s a marathon. Together, we run further.”

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Claims Professionals at Chubb

Our experienced claims specialists are relentless about every detail in the most personal way possible. Whether you have a business, homeowners or auto policy, it's our policy to make your life easier.

We hope you never need to file a claim with us. But if you do, that’s our opportunity to show you what “craftsmanship” means in service to you. It means a quick response when you need it most. It means Chubb people working with empathy, integrity and our legendary attention to detail to make you whole. It means we honor the promises we’ve made to you. Your loved ones, your employees, your home, your business reputation—these things matter. These things are personal, for you and for us.

Meet some of our Claim professionals.

You can go home again

Marcelle Dial

Property Claims Manager, United States

Chubb Property Claims Manager Marcelle Dial explains, “craftsmanship is excelling at every part of the process.” That process includes everything from in-depth discussions about your home, to being there during a time of distress, to recreating your home exactly as it was before. With 21 years of experience at Chubb, she knows first hand that no two claims—or clients—are alike.

We strive to give you choices in coverage, broader protection than standard policies, and peace of mind.

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The Importance of Empathy

Martin Sloan

Accident & Health Senior Claims Handler, United Kingdom

As a craftsman of insurance, Martin understands his clients are on the move more and more. “When a person is injured or becomes ill, especially when they’re away from home, it’s probably one of the most stressful times an individual may experience.  “Empathy for a customer is extremely important and an essential skill for an accident and claims handler to have.”

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The voice of reason

Sony Tapia

Auto Claims Regional Director, Mexico

Chubb Auto Claims Manager Sony Tapia explains, "In an accident people are angry. We’re trained to be the voice of reason in situations like this.”

For Sony, his team provides an indispensable service. “We have more than 90,000 car accidents a year in Monterrey. That means we have to be at our best, all of the time. We have to be ready to make the accident claims process easy for our clients.”

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Global Profiles

Always moving – never satisfied.

Tosui Nakae

Head of Financial Lines, Japan

For Head of Financial Lines Tosui Nakae, being a Craftsman of Insurance means doing whatever is necessary to stay connected with the clients he serves.

“The world is changing rapidly. That change creates new risks,” says Tosui. “To see these new risks, I have to be close to the market. Business owners often don’t recognize new risks. I have to be the one that educates them.”

“Japanese craftsman often say ‘no skill ever reaches perfection.’ If you are satisfied, grow stops there. Craftsmen stubbornly seek higher quality. This is who we are.”

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Navigating uncertainty

Margaret Tsai

Assistant Vice President, Head of Basic Book

For Margaret Tsai, her approach to helping clients is simple. “Understand their needs, solve their problems and give them peace of mind.” 

The insurance and risk solutions Margaret and her team provide helps everyone from vacation enthusiasts to tour groups and business travelers navigate the world with confidence using global mobility solutions from Chubb.

As a craftsman of insurance, Margaret knows her clients often are traveling into unfamiliar surroundings. “You can’t be successful without winning their trust,” says Margaret. “Being a craftsman is also about perseverance and persistence in your work.”

 Margaret now resides in Chubb’s regional office in Singapore where she serves as Corporate A&H Manager for all of Asia. 

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