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Chubb Studio® offers our digital partners around the world an opportunity to make best-in-class insurance protection and services available to their customers digitally.

Chubb Studio® is a global platform that simplifies and streamlines the distribution of Chubb’s insurance to customers of companies in retail, e-commerce, banking, fintech, airline, telecommunications and other industries. We call these companies our digital partners as we collaborate to add digital insurance options to their product and service offerings through a website, widget or deep integration – however works best.

Insurance for the new possible

Chubb Studio® is capable of providing speed-to-market capabilities for our digital partners through a secure and scalable platform with APIs to simplify digital insurance (underwriting, claims and service). The time investment for technological integration, which once took months, can now be significantly minimized; expediting getting a relevant insurance offering in front of customers. The platform builds on the success of Chubb's digital strategy to forge digital partnerships with leading brands globally. We handle the insurance stuff while providing partners with options that allow them to make customized insurance protection available for their consumer and small business customers.

Duration: 1:58


Digital Product Portfolio


Our broad range of insurance products is unmatched in the industry. Products currently available on the Chubb Studio® platform include personal accident, home contents, mobile phone, travel and small business insurance. Our team is constantly developing the next insurance and protection experience for your customers, including the rapid development of customized products that meet your customers’ unique insurance needs. Chubb Studio® has the technology to provide insurance products and services to your customers quickly and securely.







Discussion with Chubb Leaders

Chubb leaders discuss how our Digital Partners have leveraged Chubb Studio® to add insurance products to their suite of services and helpprovide their customers with peace of mind, while driving customer loyalty and brand value. Retailers, mobile networks, banks and other companies are looking for ways to be vital, relevant and deliver a differentiated experience and more value to their customers.

Duration: 4:42

Insurance offered through the Chubb Studio® platform to customers of businesses and associations (“Digital Partners”) by insurance agencies licensed in applicable jurisdictions.  Insurance underwritten and provided by licensed Chubb insurance companies. Chubb is the marketing name used to refer to subsidiaries of Chubb Limited providing insurance and related services. For a list of these subsidiaries, please visit our website at  

Chubb Studio® may not be available in all jurisdictions. In the United States, insurance offered to customers of Digital Partners by Chubb Insurance Solutions Agency Inc. (Philadelphia, PA), and insurance provided by ACE American Insurance Company (Philadelphia, PA) and its U.S. based Chubb underwriting company affiliates.