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We understand no two multinational organisations are alike and that the risk landscape they face is constantly changing.

That’s why our experienced teams create bespoke solutions; why they are flexible in their approach and why they take the time to really understand your business. 

Our global network provides best in class products and services in over 200 countries and places over 62,000 locally admitted policies annually.

We have the expertise, financial stability and industry-leading technology to offer seamless management of all aspects of your multinational insurance programme.

Making the management of your complex, multinational risk easier. Helping you focus on you.

Our multinational solutions offer you:

  • Dedicated multinational service teams
  • Broad scope of customisable coverages
  • Industry-leading technology enabling 24/7 access to your programme
  • Financial strength and stability
  • Dedicated client and claims relationship management
  • Network of compliance experts monitoring global legal and requirement issues 

Consistent, compliant protection across the globe.

Meaning you can get back to focussing on what’s important to you.

Getting it right from day one

An overview of our multinational solutions and the benefits for your company. 

One size does not fit all.

A series of articles exploring the important points when considering a multinational programme.