Chubb in the UK

Environmental Risk priorities

With Glenn O'Halloran

Tell us a bit about your background

I grew up in a coastal town south of Sydney, Australia and have always had a keen interest in the environment.  

After getting my degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Wollongong, I started working for a specialist environmental consultancy and later for a global construction company as a Project Engineer specialising in water infrastructure.

What was the most memorable project you worked on?

Probably a $30bn mining project based in central Australia where I’d work on-site for 21 days straight then fly home for a seven day break.

The work was pretty remote – sometimes we’d stay at cattle stations for weeks at a time. I really enjoyed it though and made some lifelong friends with colleagues along the way.

So, what brought you to the UK?

When that project ended I joined ACE as an Environmental Underwriter based in the Sydney office where I was responsible for underwriting environmental risk across Australia and New Zealand. In April 2015 I relocated to London to join the UKI Environmental Risk team.

Describe your new role…

I oversee the UKI and Chubb Global Markets environmental risk product line, including managing the P&L and driving strategy and growth.  The team includes 7 underwriters based across London, Manchester and Dublin.

On a daily basis I’ll meet with brokers to discuss opportunities and provide training and insight into environmental risk, discuss referrals with the team and report our progress to senior management. 

What are your key areas of focus?

A big one is increasing our activity in the middle market.

Traditionally, environmental risk has centred on large companies, or those with an obvious risk of pollution such as oil and gas operators. However, as awareness of environmental issues increases, companies of all sizes are coming under pressure to mitigate their impact on the environment.  

This has meant we’ve seen greater uptake in the middle market and non-traditional industries such as SME manufacturing and real estate.

One surprising fact about yourself

Not really a fact but…

One of my favourite hobbies is rock climbing and mountaineering. I once went on a trip with a work colleague to a remote area of New Zealand.  My colleague had an accident during the climb and I was able to get them down safely from the mountain.  Years later they provided a job reference for me and told the story to HR … I ended up getting the job!