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Your home’s unique. So how do we value it?

Having built a life from your hard work and success, you buy insurance to protect your home and everything in it. But effective insurance can’t be taken for granted. Some products are not designed for buildings that are anything other than bricks and mortar; others don’t take account of unusual construction materials or the fact that your home is a listed property.

Even if you’ve bought specialist insurance, there’s only so much information an insurer can glean from a completed application form and accompanying photograph. For truly comprehensive insurance, your home should be inspected from top to bottom by an expert who understands the risks to which you and your family are exposed.

Why home appraisals matter

Homes vary hugely in their size, style, construction and materials. Some may be listed for conservation purposes, which can have a huge impact on the cost of repairs. Others may contain rare features such as original fireplaces or flagstones hewn from a particular rock. Many modern properties come complete with built-in smart technologies and entertainment systems.

The only way to properly assess the value of your home is for an insurer to visit it and carry out a detailed appraisal. Most standard insurance policies don’t offer this service: they tend to rely on calculating a value based on the number of rooms and some basic assumptions about the construction. Even some of the more specialist policies only review your property’s exterior. That’s not how we do things at Chubb.

The Chubb difference

Chubb’s insurance for high net-worth customers provides market-leading protection for your world. When you insure with us, we’ll send one of our expert appraisers to your home to conduct a detailed review of your property and possessions.

As part of this review, we’ll assess your home’s security and any other risks to which it is vulnerable such as flooding or fire. The results of this will be used to offer you advice on how to protect your family and possessions.  If we identify any items of particular value, such as expensive jewellery or a piece of rare furniture, we may recommend that those items are valued professionally by independent experts, such as our partners at Gurr Johns.

What to expect from our home appraisal

When our appraiser visits, they will spend time talking to you about your lifestyle and your home. They will then conduct a detailed review of your property and possessions. This will include:

  • Your property’s boundaries, perimeters and pathways
  • Gardens including garden equipment, water features, rare plants and trees, outdoor art
  • Outbuildings
  • Your home’s size, location and construction
  • Furniture, linens, carpets
  • Clothing
  • Security systems and fire prevention measures
  • Art, antiques, collections
  • Vehicles

Home appraisals matter

Your home reflects who you are – your passions, your memories, your sense of style. By conducting a thorough appraisal of your home, Chubb will ensure that you’re fully protected and are given the best possible advice on keeping your family and possessions safe from harm. We’ll also be able to agree the values of your most treasured possessions so, in the event of a loss, you’ll have the confidence that your insurance cover will protect what matters most.

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