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A serious accident may hamper your ability to earn and create problems for you and your family.
Even a minor accident can result in lifestyle changes and and additional expenses.

Chubb’s Personal Accident cover is designed to respond swiftly and effectively in the event of an accident, and offers a lump sum payment.

Benefits / Product Highlights

  • Worldwide cover, 24/7
  • Flexible: can be arranged to cover partner and children
  • Simple application
  • No medical questionnaire
  • Specialist claims service
  • Benefits paid in addition to any other policy
  • Low monthly premiums

Typical Cover

Target Market
  • Lump sum payable on death as a result of an accident
  • Lump sum payable for permanent disability as a result of an accident

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Contact Information
Chubb European Group Limited
200 Broomielaw
Glasgow, G1 4RU
D: +44 (0)845 841 0056

Advice Services
If you are having difficulties contacting your Counselling,
Non-Diagnostic Medical Advice and Legal Advice Services, which may be
included in your insurance policy, please call using the following
number 0800 519 9969.