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A client’s classic car collection included a 1962 Porsche 356B Twin Grille – that he bought some years ago and has lovingly restored. On the way to a wedding, the 356 was hit by a lorry coming out of a side turning. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the damage was extensive.

We chauffeured the client and his wife to the event, and then took the car to the garage of his choice, one that he always used and trusted. The repairs were estimated at just shy of £70,000. Most insurers insist on writing-off a car if it’s repair cost exceeds a certain percentage of its value. Chubb prides itself on being more flexible.

We did offer the option of a £100,000 agreed value cash payment. However, because of the car’s sentimental value, the client chose to have the vehicle repaired. In view of the size of the claim we classified it as a total loss, so there was no excess to pay. We will always pay the agreed insured value and more when the product value increases.

For the repair we insisted on original manufacturer parts, where possible, including panels.

The car was repaired and returned in perfect order. Furthermore, we will often pay beyond value to get your vehicle back on the road.

With an ordinary policy

The 356 would probably be declared a write-off, and the client offered so-called ‘market value’ – likely to be less than £100,000 – minus an excess.